I have a question… do you find a person seems ‘dumber’ if they say ‘like’ a lot in their speech? I noticed myself say it a couple of times in conversation the other day, and I felt embarrassed because I thought it might make me sound stupid or uneducated or something, and that I should learn to IMMEDIATELY eradicate it from my vocabulary as a filler word.

But right after that I thought, ‘Well, I know that I’m not stupid or uneducated, I merely grew up in southern California and so it’s a part of my speech style, and if people can’t see past that then that’s their problem.’

I realize this might be stubborn and an excuse to be lazy, but maybe not?? I mean, Elle Woods said it all the time and she was a successful lawyer! What do you think? Do you think people sound stupid when they say ‘like’ a lot?


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One thought on “Like

  1. Hahaha “not an excellent movie.”

    I don’t think people sound dumb, but I notice it when people use filler words or any kind–um, like, so–and find it very distracting and therefore annoying to listen to them, so I myself try to not say them as much. As should you! Like, immediately. So, yeah. Um, that’s all.

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