2017, abridged.

  • I went to 4 new countries and 2 new states.
  • I got to talk to Rosario Dawson’s mom at a Josie and the Pussycats concert.
  • I made my first offer on a piece of real estate.
  • I made French Toast for the first time.
  • I went to Disney 7 times (including Disney Paris!).
  • I left my job at BarreSocks.
  • I graduated from graphic design school.
  • I got a job at Warner Bros. in the creative department.
  • I turned 29.

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New Year

It’s 2018, you guys! Is it just me or did 2017 kind of feel like a blink?

As with every year, I like to do a year-end evaluation of the goals I put out there for myself to see where I met them or fell short. My goals for 2017 were as follows:

  1. Cut the sugar. – I didn’t cut sugar for the whole year, no. BUT I had a bit of a health scare this year that motivated me and my whole family to cut sugar COMPLETELY for about a month. That may not sound like a long time, but I’m here to tell you it was extremely unpleasant. Luckily, the health scare was nothing more than a scare and a few uncomfortable MRIs, but it was good to see what sugar-free life is like. And now, although I have reintroduced sugar back into my life with moderation, I can say I don’t put sugar in my coffee anymore. Progress is progress, dude.
  2. Get in shape, stay in shape. – I joined the gym. Granted, I only went a few times since joining, I DID join, and that’s the first step.
  3. Finish my graphic design program. –  DONE BABY! I finished, got straight A’s, had an interview published on UCLAx’s website, and had my logo published in the school’s 100th anniversary catalog. I’m pretty proud of myself, if you don’t mind me saying.
  4. Learn to play the violin. – ….. Ok so, the violin is HARD. I learned “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in January and haven’t touched it since. BUT my dad found a tutor who comes to your house to teach you for 4 one-hour sessions, so I think I’m going to do that in 2018 to help myself learn.
  5. Join a church and bible study group. – I joined Rocky Peak church in January, and went through two community group sessions over the course of last year. While I still don’t feel like I necessarily belong to Rocky Peak church, it is nice to know people there and see familiar faces. I’m still looking for the perfect church for me.
  6. Prepare to buy a house. – Oh, I prepared alright. I prepared, found an adorable condo, made an offer, had that offer accepted, and was 2 weeks from closing. Unfortunately, a $20,000 discrepancy between the seller’s price and the appraised value meant I had to walk away. Sigh. Well… at least now I’m SUPER prepared and have a little more money to put down on an even more perfect place when it comes along. Now, all I really need is patience.

For 2018, my goals are

  1. Develop a doable workout schedule.
  2. Learn to play the theme to Jurassic Park on the violin. – And not just play it, but play it well.
  3. Buy a condo.
  4. Get a promotion/integrate design into my job more. – I have a suspicion this will develop naturally, but if not, I’m going to have to get proactive.
  5. Find a church that I like going to. – Following the purchase of a condo, I’d like to find a local church that I really love.
  6. Go on a date. – Following the condo and the church, hopefully by then I’ll actually want to date someone. 🙂


Cheers to the New Year!






Reading: The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts. It’s slow, but I’m enjoying it. Slowly.


Watching: 2 things –

1. I’m re-watching the old series Brotherly Love with the Lawrence Brothers and I’m loving every second of it.


2.  I’m partaking in the annual ‘Crappy Christmas Marathon’ at my house, where we watch all the horrible, cheesy Christmas movies that we can find on Netflix. They are, in fact, crappy.


Listening To: 2 different mystery podcasts, Homecoming from Gimlet Media, and The Bright Sessions by Lauren Shippen. I recommend both.


Loving:  Having my sister working here at WB in the same building as me. It’s been so fun to have lunch together every day. Plus, everyone is getting us confused so we’ve discussed a possible parent trap scenario plan, so I’ll update you on that.

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Inspired by: Sally West’s paintings. So pretty and so simple.


Looking Forward To: Christmas is in 3 days! Can’t wait!



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Reading: All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai. Very excited about this one, I hope it’s good!

Watching: Just finished Season 3 of Kimmy Schmidt. I really liked it! Titus is everything.

Listening To: “Wildflowers” by Dolly Parton. This is my current favorite song and I listen to it at least twice a day. IT’S SO PRETTY!

Loving:  L’Oreal Color Riche Balm in Plush Plum. Just a touch of color but not too bold.

Inspired by: Friends of Type. The feed is just beautiful typography for days.

Looking Forward To: Finishing my UCLA design program in just 3 weeks! I cannot wait to not have homework every night, oh my goodness.


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Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers. It’s pretty addicting, if not a little too long.


Watching: The new season of Veep! I went to a Q&A panel with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, and writer/producer/director David Mandel last weekend, and it was just great. Watch it here, if you’d like.


Listening To: Gilmore Guys podcast. When I’m in the car alone, this is on. No questions asked. I know I’m a bit behind, but I really enjoy listening to smart people talk in depth about things that I like. Who doesn’t right!?


Loving:  My reading nook at work. Almost every lunchtime, I walk over to the Warner Bros. lot, go behind the Central Perk Starbucks to this little quiet courtyard, find a little bench, and sit to read my book. It is so relaxing, and honestly, I look forward to it all morning. I’M NOT A BORING PERSON, I PROMISE.


Inspired by: Bonnie Lui. She’s an illustrator/designer I met last weekend at the Downtown Burbank Art Festival, and her illustrations are adorable. I bought a poppy print from her that I just can’t wait to frame and hang.


Looking Forward To: In 3 weeks, I leave for Pismo Beach for 5 days of camping bliss. HELLO SALMON TACOS!



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s what I’ve got going on right now, just in case you’re curious.

Reading: The Girl in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I’ve been doing pretty well with my reading this year so far. I read After You and Be Our Guest in January, and First Comes Love in February, so I’m on a better role than last year, woo hoo!


Watching: The BachelorI’m really not even ashamed, because the amount of entertainment that it provided was worth it. Honestly though, Nick was a boring man so I’m excited for Rachel’s season, ya’ll.


Listening To: Vista Kicks. I saw them open for Save Ferris a few weeks ago, and they are quite good! Also their bassist had food poisoning and took breaks to go be sick in a bucket throughout their set, so that deserves some respect. They’re kinda channeling a Ramones style with their matching turtlenecks, aren’t they?

Loving: Bears. I think they are rapidly becoming my favorite animal. I just watched a documentary on Netflix called Beary Tales  that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes to watch animals being cute and running around and having nothing bad happen to them. It’s about a man who finds two orphaned baby bears and cares for them into adulthood. Ugh it’s so great.

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Inspired by:  Ana Marta. She’s a graphic designer and motion graphics artist from Portugal I found on Youtube, and she’s inspiring me to learn After Effects. Her videos and graphics are so cute and, well, inspiring!

Looking Forward To: My upcoming trip to Portland with my sister. Can’t wait to drink lots of fancy coffee and buy a book at the feminist book store. Also apparently there’s a haunted pizza place there too, so that’s weird.

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Last Year in Review

Jodi Benson liked my instagram post.

Robert Schwartzman shook my hand and touched my arm.

My heart was broken over a boy.

I turned 28.

I got my first job as an official graphic designer.

The Getty hired me to intern in the design studio.

Liana Hee sketched a mermaid for me.

I had my first mammogram.

I visited 3 new states.

I went to Disney 10 times.

No I sure didn't... and this is what many don't understand about me. I still want to do more, see more, and have more.: