I Can’t Even.

You know that thing when so many good things happen all at once that your body literally can’t contain the emotions that have been concocted from the experience? That’s what happened to me this weekend while attending The Little Mermaid Live in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Sara Bareilles playing Ariel +
John Stamos conducting the orchestra with a wooden spoon +
Titus Burgess belting Under the Sea +
Alan Menken performing a medley of all of his songs including Little Shop +
Darren Criss playing guitar +
Fireworks synced up with the movie +
Jodi Benson (the original voice of Ariel) singing Part of Your World =

a crying mess.





Art Haul

Hello hello!!

Last month, my dad and I went to the Downtown Burbank Art Festival in, you guessed it, Burbank, and it was so much fun I knew I had to tell you all about it.

Basically, the organization who puts on the festival gathers dozens of local artists to show their work all up and down San Fernando Boulevard at their own little booths. It happens every year, but this was my first year going, which was a MUST because Liana Hee was going to be there. They also do this really fun thing where you collect sketches from all the artists and get entered into a raffle, but even if you don’t win, you have a page full of amazing sketches to keep! Man, it was so great.

The very first booth we went into belonged to a photographer named Guillermo Zuniga, and we loved his photos. I bought a cute photo of a lifeguard tower taken in Hermosa Beach, and my dad bought one of downtown LA, and after speaking with him a bit, we found out that my grandmother had purchased one of his first photos about 30 years ago. It was very exciting, and a REALLY good start to the day.

8296_original 15278_original

I also got to meet the wonderful Liana, and I bought an adorable mermaid print of hers as well, and got to chat with her a bit about how she works and her new projects. She has a Mini-Mermie book available soon, too !! ahh!!! It’s just too cute.


This is the one I bought. Sigh… I’m in love with it.

il_570xN.931427963_8cwv il_570xN.826240511_e5i1

I also picked up an adorable print from an artist named Rachel McAlister based on Zootopia that, once I saw, I couldn’t live without. Now’s a good time to mention I spent way, way too much money at this event, but I don’t even care.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.14.43 PM

Next, I came across a booth with two artists who went to school together, became great friends, and requested to share a booth. They even sketched their doodle at the same time. It was adorable. One of them, Jon Lau, had a class taught by one of my teachers, too, so that was a cool extra connection. He said he took a trip to Japan while in school, and the florals that he studied there changed his life and animation style completely. I bought a print of his of a bear surrounded by flowers, and just I love it.


b9e6f418470863.562f3782533ae 83bd9527298939.56362ca8bb96d 1de5f637423569.573f76dba063e

All in all, it was the most perfect day, and I can’t wait for next year. Better start saving for it now. 😉




Reading: Yes Please by Amy Poehler.


Watching: Just watched Season One of Veep. Dang that’s some funny stuff, man.


Listening To: Do you guys know what ASMR is? It’s a very, very weird thing that I enjoy very much.  If you’ve ever had that tingly feeling on the back of your head or shoulders when you hear certain  sounds or see certain movements, that’s ASMR. People create videos to induce this response, and I’ve been listening to those before bed to help me sleep lately. Have a look.
Are you creeped?

Loving: My cute new little nightstand. It’s just the absolute perfect size. Also, my new Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Nib pens. [See next prompt]

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.49.17 AM


Inspired by: Amanda Arneill, who uses the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Nib pens, which, yes, is exactly why I bought them. Her hand-lettering is just gorgeous, so I’m trying to emulate it with the beautiful pens and play with the results in Illustrator.
[Holy crap look at those flourishes]

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.39.07 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.39.42 AM

Looking Forward To: More rain this weekend. Have you seen this website? Just in case you ever need some rainy sounds in your life.


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Last Year

Hey, so turns out I forgot to do my 2015 recap post at the end of last year, and instead of skipping it entirely, I thought better late than never (& in no particular order)…

  • I saw the New Year’s Day Rose Parade for the first time.
  • I went back to school for Graphic Design.
  • I got paid for my hand-lettering for the first time.
  • I left my job at Warner Bros.
  • I got a job teaching people how to paint.
  • I went on my first date with someone I met online.
  • I fell in love.
  • I went to Disney 8 times.
  • I got photobombed by Lea Thompson at the Back to the Future concert.
  • I visited 2 new states.
  • I turned 27 years old.






Reading: Just bought The Two of Us by Andy Jones. Excited to start reading it!


Watching: Season 3 of Broad City! Woop woop!


Listening To: The Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify is especially good this week. Check that out, dude.

Loving: My sugarpaper planner! I can’t stop staring at it and touching it and writing in it. Ugh I love it.


Inspired by: My InDesign class. We have new projects every week, and it’s very motivating to come up with new, creative ideas. I’m really enjoying it, and turns out, InDesign is super, super fun.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.46.43 PM copy

Looking Forward To: My dearest Rachel coming to visit from Boston this upcoming week! Yahoo!



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Two Thousand Sixteen

Hello! Holy crap, it’s been a long time since I blogged something! Sorry about that…

But it’s that time of year again… that’s right – the beginning. Happy [belated] New Year one and all!

Woman pointing at the clock at midnight

I always like to do a little review of my resolutions from the year before and see what goals I accomplished, which should be left behind, and which should be carried over, so here I go.

1. Read at least 15 books – Oops! I only read 10, but I’ve also started about 3-4 others so I’m happy with how I did with this goal & I’m keeping it for this year, too. Here are the books I read this year:

  • #Forfeit Caroline Batten
  • Fangirl Rainbow Rowell
  • Read Bottom Up Skye Chatham & Neel Shah
  • Looking for Alaska John Green
  • The One and Only Emily Giffin
  • Hyperbole and a Half Allie Brosh
  • Landline Rainbow Rowell
  • The Girl on the Train Paula Hawkins
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty Jenny Han
  • Finding Audrey Sophie Kinsella

Fangirl and Hyperbole and a Half were my favorites.

2. Finish saving for down payment on house/condo – Yay! I did this! The only problem now is that I’m having to dip into in a little bit for my school, but since I don’t see myself buying any property anytime soon anyway, I’m ok with this. I’m going to try to keep most of it untouched for that happy day when I can make a lovely condo go from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’, but I’m glad to have the funds when I need them. I tried to win the lottery today, but I didn’t. Maybe some other time.

3. Take a typography/hand-lettering class – Woo Hoo! Also did this goal, and it was SO much fun, too! My dear friend Christine and I took Lauren Saylor‘s watercolor calligraphy class together early this year, and since then I’ve been trying to practice and learn more types of modern calligraphy, and even got paid to make a few things for some weddings. Done and done.

4. Drink less soda and Starbucks – Hmm. Pass.

No, I’m just kidding… I mean I’ve definitely failed at this AGAIN, because I love Starbucks and soda so freakin’ much, but I’m slowly coming around to the idea that I actually WANT to do this, not just that I need to. I’m keeping it for 2016. So if you see me with a Starbucks or soda and it’s not the weekend, please yell at me.

5. Update my photo albums – This has been started but not completed. I’m up to 2012, but am still collecting photos. Keeping this baby for this year.

6. Grow my Etsy site – Nope. I’m not super motivated on this one, especially being in school now, but that’s ok. Goals can change throughout the year, and this one definitely was one of those. I think I’ll take this off my list for now, and if it just so happens that I add some things to Etsy this year, we’ll call it bonus points.


Mmk. So. Now for this year’s goals:

  1. Get a new job in design. – I really want to start taking this graphic design learnin’ I’ve been doing and get some kind of job that uses it, even if it’s just an internship.
  2. Read at least 15 books.
  3. Update photo albums.
  4. Keep soda and Starbucks on the weekends only by 2017.
  5. Keep up to date in my Q&A journal – This journal asks you a question each day and for 5 years, you keep a log of your answers, so I want to be diligent with this because I think I’ll be really fun to look back at my past answers each year.
  6. Master time-management. – I’ve been feeling like I’m very, very bad at time management lately… I’m usually late, I leave things until the last minute, and I overbook myself. I want to get better about making sure I leave enough time for everything that must be accomplished, start getting to places on time [or dare I say early!?!] and allowing time for the people who matter most to me. Ya know, just generally be a better person… 😉

I think that’s all for this year. Thanks for reading along with my yearly summary… remember to yell at me when you see me with a coke on a Wednesday. Thank you. Now I’m gonna go eat some artichoke dip on some crackers, and it’s going to be an amazing time.


image source unknown


Reading: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, and just about to start Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling! yay!

Watching: The Last Man on Earth. It’s pretty cute!


Listening To: I Believe (Get Over Yourself) by Nico Vega. I’m diggin’ it.


Loving: My new HP laptop! It’s so beautiful, I’m trying to find any excuse to use it.

Inspired By: Domino. They send me frequent emails, and I love scrolling through to get ideas for my house.

Looking Forward To: Starting my NEW JOB as a painting instructor at Color Mi Vino!



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