Friday Favorite

Today’s Friday Favorite is Amy Poehler. She is the most hilarious, smart lady, and I love her. I stumbled across this perfect tumblr page today and found this post entitled ‘Poehler-oids’, which combined two of my favorite things: Amy Poehler and puns. I had to share.

tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o1_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o2_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o3_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o4_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o5_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o6_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o7_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o8_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o9_250 tumblr_mn57x3BEio1rawsk6o10_250

Also, for your enjoyment please watch this video. I personally have watched it a couple of times in the past hour and have been giddy ever since.

Happy Friday




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