Rollin’ with the Homies.

At my office for the next couple months, we are participating in this ‘steps’ challenge, where we form teams and count our daily steps to earn points to win prizes. All that is fine and good, but what’s really cool is we got free activity trackers with a little clip and wristband, and I just love it so much.
You see, when I use the clip [whilst wearing my new light wash jeans] I feel like Dionne from Clueless when she calls Cher to come to the Val Party, because she has her pager clipped in her front pocket in true 90’s glory. This is a pretty dorky reason to delight in wearing the pedometer, and I know this, but it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment in the slightest.

max max2 pager

I’m only 430 points away from winning a little prize so maybe I’ll listen to the Clueless soundtrack and take a run tonight. “Supermodel” really is an inspiring workout song.


P.S. Speaking of the Val Party – the house was for sale in 2013 for $825,000. See the article here.




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