Hello there.

On this fine Tuesday, I think I can proudly say that I’ve gotten a handle on this midi-cut hair style. Please don’t judge me for still talking about it, because though you may not have even noticed that I got it cut, it’s a dramatic change for me. Anyway, I thought I’d leave you with my favorite products and styling tools to use to make it corporate just in case that interests you.

1. Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer –


I just recently got this because my old hair dryer that I loved died a sudden death. I’m quite liking this new one. It takes a little longer to dry my hair than my old one, maybe 10 minutes or so in all, but I think it’s a lower heat so probably less damage, so I guess that’s fine. Plus look how pretty.

2. Revlon Curl Magic 1″ Clipless Titanium Curling Wand. –


Boy oh boy do I love this thing. It heats up SO fast and SO hot, that it takes no more than about 7 minutes to curl my whole head.

3. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray –


I just spray this stuff on when I’m all done so that instead of looking like a 9 year old all ready for picture day, it’s more of a ‘surfer who caught some early waves before coming to work’ look. Hopefully.

4. Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil –


When I plan on showering in the morning rather than at night, I’ll slather some of this on the ends of my hair before I go to bed to let it soak in overnight. There are many other benefits from coconut oil that you can read about here if you’d like [and those are just for hair!].

And that’s that. What are your favorite things to use on your hair? Anything you’ve tried that was a total disaster? Hmm, maybe that would be a fun post… ‘Horrible hair styles of my youth’… got enough of those for a whole series. Yikes.


1, 2, 3, 4


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