Hey dudes. Today, since it’s Friday and I’m feeling lazy and a little guilty about it, I thought I’d post my top 5 guilty pleasures. Are they embarrassing? Sort of.  Are they awesome? Duh.

1. ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’ videos on YouTube. These are not only cute, but they are funny and relaxing. If you find yourself intrigued, click here or here for some good ones… but this one is my favorite…

2. The Vampire Diaries. I love this show. It’s so over the top and silly, but I love it nonetheless.


3. Frozen Free Fall. I have to stop playing this game for months at a time, because if I keep going I start to see little exploding crystals when I close my eyes. It’s addicting. Do NOT start playing this unless you are prepared to sign away your life.


4. Soda. I love soda so much, you guys. This whole month I’ve quit drinking it to see if it helped me fitness-wise. So far I really haven’t noticed any difference except that I want soda more than usual.


5. Trader Joe’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. The serving size on these is about 17 cookies, and that’s only 150 calories, so I’m lucky if I can get more than 3 sittings out of bucket.


What are your guilty pleasures?




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