Itty Bitty Livin’ Space

Hello there!
I’ve been daydreaming about what kind of apartment or condo that I’d like to purchase at the end of this year [God willing], which has got me thinking about what I could do with a small space. Also, tons of articles have been popping up in all my feeds lately about people who have beautiful design in tiny spaces… this may be attributed to the fact that the internet stalks you and shows you what you want to see, but let’s just call it ‘fate’ for now. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things that I’ve seen lately incorporating functionality and style for teeny spaces.



The bed and desk pictured are from Ikea – so quite cheap, but I love them both. Also this post about giving the desk a little customization is really cool.
I’m determined to make that little cart someday and use it exactly as pictured – for my portable turntable and records.
The acrylic table creates the illusion of space because you can see right through it, plus you can store things under it, like a small ottoman or books, etc, to create more room.

Any other cool space-creating trends you’ve noticed?




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