Another Glorious Morning

My dearest Rachel just recently posted a post about her morning routine, which got us talking about Ingrid Nilsen’s morning routine videos, which led us to talking about the ideal morning routine and it was all just very nice, so I’m following suit and sharing with you my dream version of a morning routine, followed by the real thing.


6am: Wake up cheerfully, turn off the alarm, and make my bed.

6:10am: Get dressed and begin morning workout. It’s easy for me to wake up and exercise, because I know I’m doing something good for my body.

6:50am: Take a shower, using lovely bath products from fancy stores.

7:00am: Have a healthy breakfast while catching up on some reading and social media as a soothing morning playlist plays.

7:20am: Prepare a nice lunch for myself to enjoy later. It is a balanced meal and under 500 calories.

7:30am: Get dressed and do hair and makeup.

7:50am: Head to Starbucks for a coffee.

8:00am: Drive to work and make it in plenty of time.



7:15am: Alarm goes off. [This is a formality alarm] Hit snooze IMMEDIATELY.

7:24am: Alarm goes off again. Hit snooze.

7:33am: Alarm goes off again. Hit the off button, grab phone, and get back in the covers because it’s freakin’ freezing in the world.

7:33.3am: Browse instagram, emails, and texts.

7:40am: OH CRAP IT’S LATE NOW. Hurry to take a shower.

7:41am: Shower with my $3 bottle of body wash that I bought so I would smell ‘more like an adult’.

7:55am: WHY DID I TAKE SUCH A LONG SHOWER??!!! Get dressed.

8:00am: Blow dry hair and sing a show-tune because the loudness will drown me out.

8:10am: Do make up, curl hair.

8:20am: UGH I SHOULD’VE LEFT 5 MINS AGO. Find purse, find keys, find phone lost in the covers of my unmade bed, rummage together lunch scraps.

8:30am: YEAH I’M GUNNA BE LATE. Leave for work. Coffee-less.





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