Swifty Bedroom

Hello! I thought it was about time for another fantasy bedroom, this time inspired by Taylor Swift.


So for Taylor, the very first thing that came to mind was ‘Red’ so I started with this West Elm red chair. I think it would be just perfect for a little cuddle time with Meredith or Olivia, don’t you? Her cats are so cute, oh my goodness, so they definitely need a nice designated curling up spot.


Also, a table by the bed is necessary for late night songwriting, so this end table is perfect and sleek as to not take up too much room. Some girly art like these ‘What Shall I Wear’ by Gemma Correll and ‘For Like Ever’ prints look like they were made for Swifty herself. I added some Jonathan Adler accessories because his decor is so fun but also adds a hint of art deco, like in the picture frame, which reminds me of New York, another Swifty fave. For her bed, I think distressed wood would be nice… haha ‘wood would’… since Taylor seems to always be frolicking flawlessly on the beach and the distressed wood reminds me of a little beach hut or maybe an old sailboat.


I know Taylor is also a bit of a DIY girl, so I found these distressed chalkboard mason jars with a tutorial on how to make them yourself. I think I might make these a little later this week & I’ll post to let you know how they turn out. If you want to give it a try as well, click here for the tutorial page. They seem like they will be perfect for flowers or makeup brushes.

If you like the Taylor vibe, then try it out with your BLANK SPACE. See what I did there?


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