I really like the posts on this blog, and so I thought I’d copy one. It’s simply a list of my pet peeves. I sense more copying from this blog in the near future.


  • Having to pee too many times in any certain increment of time
  • ‘Tight’ being used to describe something that is ‘cool’
  • People who say ‘I’m so weird!/crazy!//bad!/awkward!’
  • Slow walkers
  • How NO ONE says goodbye on the phone on TV.
  • The looking-everywhere-but-at-you-while-you-are-speaking-to-them person
  • Poorly laid out parking lots/structures
  • People who don’t give you the ‘thank you’ hand when they cross the street in front of your car
  • Sneezing
  • When someone says they LOVE something, but only know the bare minimum about said thing. No, you don’t love it. You like it. You’ve heard of it.

What are yours?

Happy Monday



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