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Hello! I always love looking through other people’s make up bags [with permission] to see what kind of lovely collection they have for their everyday make up. So just in case you are the same way, here is a peek into mine.

photo (3)

This is everything I might use on a day to day basis. I spend about 5 minutes doing my makeup in the morning so there aren’t too many things, but it’s mostly because I like sleeping more than having a perfectly made-up face. There are some repeat types of things – like mascara. The Benefit one is great if I know I’ll be doing a lot of things that day, like possibly going swimming, going to the beach [or napping] because it does NOT go anywhere once it’s on. It’s a sample, so I think once it runs out, I’ll buy the real deal, even though it’s a little more than I like to spend for mascara. Maybelline is for when I don’t care if it rubs off a bit. Because it will for sure.

I have two primers. The top primer is sooo good. It cost me $1 and it’s the best eye primer I’ve tried. Way to go Elf. The bottom one is a dual eye primer and eyeliner sealer, but I use it as a face primer for when I need my concealer to stay for good, like beach days or Disneyland days, etc.

The eye shadow palette is one of my new favorites. I’m trying to be better about not accidentally rubbing the makeup off my eyes because I tend to touch my eyes during the day, forgetting that I spent several minutes applying my makeup to the best of my ability that morning [another reason the primer is my best friend]. Anyway, this palette is sooo perfect – a few of the color names are ‘Mermaid’, ‘Seashell’, and ‘Sunbeam’. It’s wonderful, and I’m obsessed with it.


That’s all for now. Links below for all the things. Except the tweezers. Tweezers are everywhere.


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