Reading: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Rachel recommended this to me, and I’m starting it tonight. I’m very excited.


Watching: The Mindy Project season 2. It came out on the 19th of August and I just finished it last night. This Friday, my friend Kaitlan and I are marathoning it again from the beginning. Mindymindymindymindymindy.


Feeling Thankful For: 3-day weekends and 4-day weeks. I enjoy being not at work. Thank you, Labor Day.


Listening To: Lots of Paul McCartney. I dreamed about “Let it Be” last night, and then heard it on KLOS this morning. You might say it was a dream come true…?


Loving: My new record player. Last night, the fam and I ate BBQ chicken outside whilst listening to the Queen vinyl album “A Night at the Opera”. It was a very summery moment.


Inspired By: Please don’t judge me, but I really like Taylor Swift’s video “Shake it Off”. In a behind the scenes clip, she talks about how she was running, even though she hates it, to prepare for the physical challenges in the video, and since ideally I’d like to look like her [who wouldn’t?], I guess I could use this as motivation and start running again. Sigh.


Hoping For: Efficiency as I attempt to begin making my Halloween costume. It’s going to be very involved, and I’m hoping 2 months is enough time… because it has to be.



source, source, source, source, source


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