Birthday Boy

Last week was crazy, people.

Monday, Sam and I started the week at the Sara Bareilles concert at The Greek Theatre. She was amazing & super funny. She’s one of my absolute favorites, and I’d never seen her live before so this was an extra special treat to start celebrating my birthday early.

photo 1 photo 2 (2)

Wednesday, I had to get 3 fillings in my teeth, because apparently I grind my teeth together in the night SO hard that parts of my tooth have been slowly chipping away. Isn’t that nice!?! I spend about an hour in the chair with the drill and hands in my mouth and was fitted for some very attractive mouth guards to wear whilst I sleep. They will sort of look like this.


so hopefully this will help prevent my teeth from falling out.

Thursday was another day of excitement with a trip to the Revlon Breast Center at UCLA. Basically, since my family is sprinkled with cases of breast cancer every which way, my sister and I went for a preventative/informational consultation for genetic counseling and screening to get the full picture of what our health management will look like for life. You see, there are these nasty little genes called BRCA1 and BRCA2, and if you have them, you have a pretty high chance of getting breast cancer at some point, probably pretty early in life. If you get tested positive for either gene, the treatment plan is pretty extensive with fun-filled MRIs and mammograms, etc. However, because our family history of cancer is so strong, Sam and my treatment will be essentially the same whether we test positive or negative for the gene, so we decided to hold off on testing for it until we think it’s necessary, i.e. if one of us gets diagnosed with the c-word. Then we will BOTH test for it, and be ready for whatever preventative measures need to be taken. It was really good to get all the info though, so we can do what we need to in order to stay healthy. EXCEPT for the fact that we have to decrease our sugar intake because it creates a ‘hospitable environment for cancer growth.’ Ugh. Horrible. *sips caramel macchiato*

Friday, I treated myself to a pre-birthday lunch of a sandwich, salad, and mac & cheese at one of my favorite restaurants while I read my book. I must say, too, that it was one of the best batches of mac & cheese I’ve ever had. Then Sam came to my office to keep me company.

photo 1 (2)

Saturday was my birthday, and after presents and a manicure, what better way is there to celebrate turning 26 than by dressing up as a boy? I donned my Marty McFly costume, complete w homemade vest, and met my friends at the park to watch Back to the Future on the big screen… and it was fantastic. There was a band, ‘The Flux Capacitors’ [I kid you not], and lots of food and presents. Everyone cheered when each character came on screen, and there was especially loud applause when George knocked Biff out in one punch. Ugh, it was perfect. To end the night, I took pictures with/inside of/next to a perfect replica of the DeLorean and all my dreams came true. You guys. I got to turn on the time circuits and gun it to 88 to watch the flux capacitor… flux. It was perfect. PERFECT. Sam even made me a flux capacitor cake because she is awesome on every level.

photo (2) photo photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 (3)This upcoming weekend, we’re off to Disney for a bit more celebrating, so in the meantime I’ll be sleeping.




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