Lil Miss Singing Mermaid

Oh. My. Goodness.
Let me begin by telling you a story.

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved mermaids. Like most little girls, I pretended I was a mermaid whenever I was in any kind of body of water, kicking with my feet together [so much so, that to this day, it is still more comfortable for me to swim this way], but my devotion to merfolk went much further. I had The Little Mermaid everything… sheets, bathing suit, dolls, poster in my room, etc. I loved the movie Splash. I would put flowy dresses around my ankles, and flip my poorly constructed ‘tail’ until my little-girl abs started to hurt… You get it. All this to tell you about this toy that I used to own. It was this wonderful doll that you could take in the tub with you. She had big poofy blonde hair, she would change color in the warm water, and, yes, she was a mermaid. The most wonderful thing about her, though, was that she sang this little tune when you squeezed her tummy. It was this haunting little 6-note melody that I can still remember echoing in the amazing acoustics of my little bathroom to this day. After I got a little older and our family moved from that house, somehow the mermaid doll disappeared and I never saw her again. How Toy Story 2 of me. I’ve thought about that little mermaid a few times over the years and how I wished I could remember what she was called or refresh my memory of the tune of the song she sang.

Well, today is a great day, because I stumbled across this list on popsugar, and lo and behold, #129, there she was. Lil Miss Singing Mermaid. You are just as wonderful as I remember you.



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