Friday Favorite

For this Friday favorite, I chose ‘Lists’. I just bought a new notebook at Muji in Hollywood last weekend, and got to hand stamp it. I chose to spell out ‘Lists’, and fill it with just that.


Anyway, I thought for this favorite, I’d make a list of lots of my other favorites. Here you go.

number : 21
saying : ‘Take it a little bit at a time.’
movie : Back to the Future
song : constantly changing, but right now I’ll say its ‘Never Going Back Again’ by Fleetwood Mac
band : The Beatles. or *Nsync
music genre : 40’s
country : I haven’t traveled enough to say anything but USA
state : CA is just the best
city : but NYC is the only city that makes me consider moving
channel : Fox
color : Turquoise
dog : Golden Retriever
cat : Any
car : Ford Super Deluxe Convertible
hair product : Lush Sea Spray
shampoo/conditioner : Protect and Shampoo & Condition
body wash : Currently it’s Aveeno Positively Nourishing Pomegranate
perfume : Jen Aniston
item of clothing : my striped Gap sweater
store : Target
food : Sandwiches
restaurant : Wood Ranch BBQ
quote from a movie : ‘Did I ever tell you I’ve got a thing for brunettes?’
magazine : Self or Glamour
holiday : Christmas
season : Fall and Summer are tied
accent : New Zealand
height : Tall is good
commercial : This one.
tv show : FRIENDS & Buffy the Vampire Slayer
youtube video : Anything Casey Neistat makes.
iphone app : Instagram
website : Pinterest
day of the week : Saturday
celebrity : Jimmy Fallon

Happy Friday



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