Friday Favorite

Hey Dudes.
I thought I’d try something new where on Fridays I post a favorite something of mine. So today, as it is Friday, I’m posting this favorite something: Audrey Hepburn’s sleep mask from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One of my favorite movie moments is when she’s sleeping in her bed, I imagine long past normal waking hours, and she has it on her face with her cat laying on her.



Sam being the dear, wonderful sister that she is, got me a replica for Christmas last year. It’s very wonderful.

Have a lovely weekend.



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite

  1. Very nice. That just made me think–why was she allowed to own a cat and not be coined a cat lady? I think we should figure this out and replicate THAT.

    • I think because #1 she’s young, like what 21? 22? and #2 she just has the one cat, AND she doesn’t really claim to own it until the end, and by then she has a man, so it’s all good.

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