Kids and Hard Liquor

When I was little my mom would listen to her Garth Brooks cassette tape in the car. A lot. And thus through exposure I, too, learned to love Garth Brooks. I also learned to love Billy Joel through this method, but that is another story for another day. One of my favorite Garth numbers was ‘Friends in Low Places’… it was catchy, his voice went really low at that one part, and these apparently were the just qualities that my 5 year old music tastes wanted. I’d sing this song at kindergarten, running errands with my mom, or around the house, not really knowing what I was saying, but happy with myself all the while. It wasn’t until I got older that my mom pointed out how peculiar it was to hear a little girl singing about drowning her blues in whiskey.

When my little sister came around, a new song was in the tape player in the car – ‘Miss American Pie’. Again, exposure to the song with its catchy chorus and easy-to-remember lyrics enabled Sam to sing it to her heart’s content. Little, sweet Sam singing about those good ole’ boys drinking whiskey and rye. It brought about a unique trend in our family.


We still laugh about it. And then sing the songs.



One thought on “Kids and Hard Liquor

  1. Pahahaha this is wonderful and I love it and I want more stories like these. Also, it goes to show that we can make our kids love anything that we want through extreme exposure to music. Challenge accepted.

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