This article about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S finale has been circulating every which way lately, and it got me thinking about the best finales of TV shows… and also the worst. So here are my favorite and not-so-favorite finales of some TV series in recent history. Beware of spoilers, but honestly, if you haven’t seen these finales yet, please hurry up.

Boy Meets World – This show was beyond amazing. The characters were real. Real and weird, and every single one of them was someone you wanted to know. One of my favorite moments is when Shawn and Cory fight over saying goodbye to one another. And of course, Mr. Feeny’s send off… *trying to hold back the tears. failing.* [I’ve also heard rumors that the cast was not supposed to be crying while saying goodbye, but just couldn’t help it. Can you blame them?!]

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Another tear-jerker, my word. The keys. The last line. The empty apartment… saddest, most bittersweet moment ever. Not to mention, “I got off the plane.” Holy cow, it was fantastic.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – People often have mixed feelings about this one, but I, for one, love it. Again, the last line is perfection because for once in her life, Buffy doesn’t have to know what to do next. It’s wonderful and satisfying.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch – This show was good for 3 seasons. Then it got weirrrrd and some stuff happened that I think we can all agree to just ignore, but the final episode makes up for EVERYTHING that ever went wrong. Harvey. Motorcycle. 12:36. Perfection.

How I Met Your Mother – This was a huge bummer, blah blah blah, we all know it, but it had to be said. Sorry HIMYM.

Gilmore Girls – I love love love this show, but the last season took a tremendous nose dive into what-the-heck world. The finale just didn’t tie it up as nicely as it should have. I get trying to be realistic, but just give us what we want without all the wishy-washy nonsense. Now the pilot on the other hand – that’s the stuff.

What are you favorite series finales?


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2 thoughts on “Final

  1. BMW & Friends: Agreed.
    Buffy: Eh, I agree that I like that Buffy doesn’t have to know what to do next, but I wasn’t happy with it overall.
    Sabrina: Agree that the end makes up for all the weird.
    HIMYM: Major Disappointment, indeed.
    Gilmore Girls: I agree–give us what we want!! But I think because the pilot was actually so good, it’s ok.

    I hated the Lost finale, as we all already know.
    I’m pretty neutral with The Office–the last season took some frustrating turns but I
    think it ended just fine.

    Now I can’t even think what other shows I’ve watched, haha.

    • Ugh I will never watch lost bc all or heard about it is that the finale ruins it. Sorry you had to endure it. Lol
      I never finished the office! I was too sad the Michael left 😞.
      I keep thinking about how great Mindy’s finale will be. Lol

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