I had a thought the other day… I hate getting ready for bed. I love getting into the bed, I love sleeping, and I love being in my pajamas, but the tasks that need to be done between when you finish your day and go to sleep are just obnoxious. Which then led me to my next thought- wouldn’t it be so nice if you could just snap your fingers and be ready for bed? Teeth brushed and flossed, pjs on, face washed, and alarm set. I’d really love it. So then I though, gee, with that lazy attitude, I bet I could think of lots of things that would be better if they were instant. Which leads me to this post. Beware the ‘first world problem’ theme that runs rampant throughout this entire list – The top ten things I wish could be done with the snap of my fingers.

  1. Get ready for bed.
    As I’ve already stated, that point where you are tired and ready to sleep but have a slough of tasks to accomplish before you can actually go to bed that end up waking you up even more than when you started really isn’t my favorite.
  2. Get a Starbucks.
    The long line has got to go.
  3. Make the bed.
    All that tucking and walking back and forth and pulling and fluffing. Sigh.
  4. Clean the bathroom.
    Some cleaning I actually like, but the bathroom does not fall into that category. Just imagine – ‘Snap!’ and then ‘Ping!’ [that’s the shine that would appear right after it was clean].
  5. Find something that is lost.
    I tend to lose things a lot. For example, I’ve lost a flip flop somewhere in my house. ONE flip flop. And believe me when I say I’ve searched everywhere… might be nice to find it.
  6. Try on clothes.
    One reason that I dislike shopping for clothes so much is the constant taking off and putting on of clothes. Especially when they don’t fit. It’s discouraging, tiring, and let’s face-it, sometimes just flat out unflattering. If we could just forgo all the off-and-on with a quick snap, that would be just great.
  7. Travel long distances.
    I realize this is basically teleportation, but I think it still counts. Imagine – I want a pastry from Paris. ‘Snap!’ Bonjour!
  8. Buy groceries.
    I hate grocery shopping. Simple as that.
  9. Packing.
    This would allow for the fun part – the planning and choosing outfits – and get rid of the annoying part – the cramming and folding.
  10. Fill up the car with gas.
    There are few more bothersome things than being done with work on a Friday night, getting in your car to go home, and realizing you need gas. No thanks!


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