Social media is a wonderful thing. It allows us to connect with people in new and ever-exciting ways. We can share what we’re up to in our lives, and reach out to people who otherwise we may have drifted apart from. But as with everything, there is a good side and a bad side. For every person who knows how to use social media correctly – tactfully, respectfully, and not too seriously – there are those who, well, just don’t. It’s almost as though there should be some kind of manual or tutorial on how to properly use the ways by which we broadcast ourselves to the masses. Here I present to you, what I feel are the dos and don’ts of two of the main platforms of social media… I, too, fall prey to some of the mistakes. #Sigh.



  1. Don’t post pity statuses. You know the type…”Ugh why did this have to happen?” or “Today is the worst”. No one is sad for you. We are annoyed at your desperate plea for attention.
  2. Don’t invite people to play facebook games. It’s super annoying.
  3. Never poke.
  4. Please don’t post every sonogram photo.
  5. PLEASE stop talking with your boyfriend/husband and telling them how wonderful each of you are via commenting on each other’s walls back and forth.
  6. Don’t like your own photos/statuses. *
  7. Your baby is cute, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t need to see a photo of him or her every other day. Please limit. This applies doubly for your dog.
  8. Don’t post statuses and updates about the show you’re watching please – this is called a spoiler, and we are mad at you when you do it. Take it to Twitter.
  9. Do post big events like new house, had the baby, graduation, new job, new pet, etc. Even the occasional pregnant belly photo is fine. Think of facebook like a family newsletter… only post things that you really want everyone to know… not every thought that passes through your mind.
  10. Don’t be a stalker. Unless it’s your best friend – then random ‘liking’ of posts from years ago is highly encouraged.



  1. Do increase diversity. This means not posting the same types of photos over and over, or three of the same setting in a row. Change it up.
  2. Limit the selfies. I’ll never understand how people who post a selfie a day get hundreds of likes. Who is liking those?
  3. Limit number of pics per day. I’d say 1-2 is plenty, unless you’re on vacation in a really cool place. Then maybe 4’s the limit, but even that’s pushing it.
  4. Cool it on the PDA posts. We know you love each other.
  5. See #6 above.
  6. If you’re wondering if your post sounds conceited, it probably does. Caption cautiously.
  7. Please limit the food posts. Does your food look incredibly delicious? Sure post it. Did you post a food pic this week already? Maybe skip this one.
  8. Please don’t speak through hashtags. #hashtagsarefortopics #notforentiresentences.
  9. Also, limit the number of hashtags per post. *
  10. Always like your best friends’ posts. Always.

* Rule addendum: Unless used for comedic effect.


images via google images


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