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Well, Paleyfest has been amazing this year, and I was able to go to two panels this season – ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Mindy Project’. Both were just perfect. Patton Oswalt was the moderator for P&R, and having guest-starred on the show, he was obviously a fan and very knowledgeable about the characters and episodes, which made for a wonderful Q&A. [Here is his uncut scene on the show where he improvises and 8 minute filibuster during a city council meeting done entirely in one take. It’s incredible.] The whole cast was so sweet, and exactly what you’d hope they would be like. Chris Pratt and Rhetta were so funny, Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza were quiet but hilarious, and Amy Poehler was outgoing and fun, and they all seemed extremely grateful for the fans and their appreciation for the show.

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& for fun here is one of my favorite scenes from the show.


The panel for ‘The Mindy Project’ could not have been better. They were SO funny and so humble, I can barely stand it. Jarett Wieselman, the senior editor for Buzzfeed, was the moderator. He was obviously a fan and did a great job with the Q&A. Please watch this show if you don’t already. It’s hysterical and amazing. Ike Barinholtz, who I found out last night is actually story editor and writer for the show, was beyond hilarious, and stole the show by doing impressions of the entire cast all night including Chris Messina’s accent and a lovely version of how Ed Weeks walks around set. UUUGHHH so wonderful. They all seemed incredibly honored to have so many fans participate and come out to see them, and after the show they all stayed for at least an hour signing and taking photos with everyone.
I went with Sam, and we figured that since we were in the mezzanine that we wouldn’t be able to get down to the stage, but one of the ushers was nice enough to tell us to run down the side stairs so we’d be able to get onto the bottom level in time. With amazing luck, we were able to get some close up time with the actors and even a selfie with Chris!! Honestly – this is one of the most gentle, humble men I’ve ever encountered. For every question directed at him about his experiences, he would draw attention to the other actors and writers and give them the praise; for every person who gave him a compliment, he thanked profusely, and every item that fans held up for him to sign, he signed. He was the last cast member to stay out with the fans, even with security nudging him to hurry along. He is wonderful.
Mindy was perfect and talked to everyone who came up to the stage, signing her book for them and thanking them. Ed Weeks actually got off stage to take photos with people, and Ike, as you’d expect, was cracking everyone up. This cast is wonderful.

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& here’s a fun Mindy scene too. =)


The panels are live-streamed on the Paleyfest website, and here are last year’s panels if you care to watch.




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  1. Ugh I love Mindy and the gang so much. Haha. I follow Ike on Twitter and he’s hilarious. And I love that coffee cake scene. It just all makes so much sense to my soul.

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