Mondo constantly is putting out fun posters that then immediately are sold out because of their awesomeness, but upon browsing their archives I found some incredibly great art that I thought I’d share with you now. Check out the full archive to search for some of your own favorites.

atfinnarchive_thumb (1) atmossarchive_thumb bridesmaidesarchive_thumb bttf1archive_thumb bttf2archive_thumb bttf3archive_thumb bttfenglertvararchive_thumb bttfvararchive_thumb carrieposterfnl_thumb jawsdurieuxarchive_thumb theshining_variant_thumb toystoryarchive_thumb

My favorite has got to be the Jaws poster – did you find the shark fin? Took me quite a while. Also notice in the Toy Story poster how the blocks spell ‘Mondo’. Pretty fun.

I thought I’d also add these minimalist Disney posters that I found on Pinterest, since they are also quite nice.

0e863c2f8f9917b9b5786261d0b240ce mansionposter_candle.png1 tangled_minimalist_by_samara0nvr0slps-d4xppjg cd667d640d3449b121fafcfd4568acc1 a23b4b55fa38c495d2c35eef57c215e6


source source source source source


One thought on “Mondo

  1. The Back to the Future trio my favorite! And I didn’t even see the fin until you mentioned it! So clever!! The Tangled lantern one reminds me of Gustav Klimt so that’s also good.

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