Well I went on a bit of a Disney rampage today, but I didn’t come away empty handed.

Please enjoy some of these wonderful things I stumbled across.



tumblr_mej2jjsPqe1qh1ulho1_500 tumblr_mej2jjsPqe1qh1ulho2_500

Why Disney is perfect.




source source source


2 thoughts on “Rampage

  1. I walk like Bambi. So that means I walk like a deer. So that’s good. (Someone should make a video mash to Madam Morable saying “my dear, my dear” to Elphaba, only Elphaba is Bambi: “my deer, my deer” and then Elbambiba goes on to sing.) (Or a movie about baseball where Bambi becomes The Great Bambino: an ode to Baby Ruth–[“oh that’s alright; he can call me baby if he wants to].) Anyway…

    How people can watch that first video and not be emotinally stirred, I shall never understand. Because I’m crying now. I want to watch all those suggested videos that show up when this video is over but I am not strong enough.

    Omigod that video is so great!

    Ugh why can’t we work with these people and just dance around and lip sync and sing all the live long dayyyyyuhhhhhh.

    I hope our husbands want to lip sync to things with us like this couple. Man.

  2. Mmm that video was so wonderful! but I did not cry.
    Hahaha that omigod video is so good!! All these clips are perfect! And Cinderella is Elle!! Ugh I die
    And these parents just look like they’re from Carp haha

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