Half Way

I love movies, but ya know what, they are pretty dang long sometimes. As a result, I usually can’t watch a full one all the way through, unless I’m at the movie theater, because there are other things to be done. It also becomes a problem when you start a movie with a certain person/group of people, and you can’t finish said movie until all parties are present. Sigh. I’m half-way through several movies right now…

1. Yes Man. I recently bought this at Target, and my family started it, but we had to sleep so it was put on pause. This was about a week ago.


2. Bridesmaids. Sam and I started this, but have yet to have time for another sister movie night. It’s been on hold for about a week.


3. 12 Years a Slave. I made it through about 6 years I think, but I don’t know if I can handle what’s to come. So whilst I decide, it waits. It’s been about 2 days, but I haven’t decided yet. The Oscar wins are really encouraging me to push though though.

12YAS A4 Payoff Poster_RGB

4. Down With Love. I couldn’t determine if I hated this or loved it, but last night, just as I decided that I at least liked it, it was 1am and I need sleep.





2 thoughts on “Half Way

  1. Haha I remember seeing Down with Love but I also can’t remember if I liked it or not. I definitely loved all the 60s-inspired clothes and props. (Like the Saarinen womb chair- Elle Woods has one in her dorm too.)

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