Beauty and the Beast Inspired Office

She really is a funny girl, that Belle, but considering how much she loves to read like nobody’s business, it’s time for an office inspired by Beauty and the Beast.


Alright, so for this office, we’re taking our colors from Belle and the Beast, lots of yellows and blues. This palate from design seeds was perfect for the job.


The main color of this office is blue, just like Belle’s lovely dress that she wears as she greets the town with a ‘Bonjour!’ each morning. To keep it from being overwhelming, limit the deep blue to big accent pieces, like the rug, the chairs, and accessories around the room. You can also use different shades to create the feel of blue everywhere you look without being too monotonous about it.

A small tea cart is perfect for a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, or even in the middle of the night… be my guest!

I used these decor pieces as subtle hints towards the characters in the movie, but they also bring in the color scheme of the bright yellow ballgown that Belle wears in one of the most famous scenes in animation history. A silver mirror, like the one Beast gives to Belle also fit quite nicely.

The most important element of this room is, of course, the books. ‘Gads of books, mountains of books, forests of books!’ Like Belle, one can never have too many, and to fill an entire wall with shelves will make this office more like a library. How wonderful.




source source source source source source source source


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