The Princess and the Frog Kitchen

The Kitchen – the only place in the home that is a work zone and a social zone wrapped up together. Is there anything more homey than having a group of people laughing and cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen together, interspersed with the occasional dance? I dare say not. So for the next Disney inspired room, I chose Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, and what better room to do for Tiana, a master chef, than a kitchen?

Tiana Kitchen

Tiana is a hard worker and a strong believer in going after what you want, not just wishing for it. This design seeds palate, perfectly titled “Lily Pad”, has bold greens and purples, and soft yellows and pinks – wonderfully fitting for our bold girl with a tender heart. tiana kitchen 2

I love a nice subway tile, so a green-blue back splash in subway tile is just lovely – very industrial feeling in the best way possible. And a great way to set that off is with a huge, double bowl, copper sink like this one. It’s pricey, but absolutely perfect for cooking bit pots of gumbo. “Just a couple of shots of Tabasco, and it’s the bee’s knees!”

Above the island, a fixture of hanging pots and pans is not only functional, but a fun focal point. All your pots are within an arms grasp for a fast and tasty meal.

Green cabinets are a daring choice, but in a subtle color like those pictured, it makes the kitchen feel fresh and lively. Tiana spent a lot of time as a frog, so I bet she’d like the green.

Open shelving feels very restaurant-ish, just like Tiana’s Palace might have where she cooks her man-catchin’ beignets. Just be sure too keep things neat and organized so that the open-shelving doesn’t tend towards a cluttered mess. Matching containers and jars with labels helps everything look uniform while being out on the shelf for all to see [and admire].

If there’s room, why not add a small rustic table, like something Mama Odie might have out on the Bayou? It’s perfect for a quick bite, or even a Tarot Card reading.

P.S. If you need a good beignet recipe, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen makes the BEST beignets ever, and their recipe is found online here.

“Just keep em comin’ till I pass out.”



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all other images via google and pinterest


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