Reading: Where We Belong by Emily Giffin


Watching: Not too much television this past month, really, because I’ve been busy in the evenings, but I did watch Back to the Future this past weekend, and boy oh boy do I love that movie. I mean, it’s my favorite, so yes, obviously I love it… But it’s just so special. I’d love to somehow acquire some white Nikes with a red swoosh a’ la 1985 Marty, but they are extremely hard to come by. Sigh. Well, in the mean time, here’s this.

Feeling Thankful For: My new office at work. There are windows, which means sunlight and a view of the outdoors, which is a whole new wonderful experience. Also I have lots more WB stuffs everywhere which makes me feel surrounded by good things.


Listening To: Broadway. All. The. Time. Latest soundtrack is Dogfight, and it’s really fantastic. Here’s one of my favorite songs from it.

Loving: Lindsay Mendez. She is so beyond wonderful, that I can barely stand it. Around my house, it’s been Flygirl Vlogs all the live long day. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but here is a really great episode where Lindsay Mendez shows you her greenifying process for Wicked.

Inspired By: Dressers and Make-Up artists. They just know what they want, and then they go and do it. I guess that’s what most people in a creative position did to get where they are, but somehow the dressers and make-up people make it look a little more attainable, or realistic.

Learning: This weekend, I was supposed to take a sewing course with Sam, but it got filled up before we could sign up, so we are taking one in a month that is a bit more advanced, and we’re going to teach ourselves the basics in the meantime.


Hoping Excited For: I have 3 panels that I’m going to in the next month or so that I’m SO excited about – “The Mindy Project” and “Parks and Recreation” at Paleyfest, as well as The Art of Production Design Panel in Hollywood. Ahhh! so ecstatic.






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