“Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”

I genuinely enjoy Valentine’s Day. I like the idea of everyone being lovey all day – not in the romantic sense, but just in the ‘everything is nice’ sense.

So whether you have a Valentine’s date or your just hanging out with your friends, here are some ideas that I’ve quite enjoyed in the past on this LOVEly holiday.

1. Make Pizookie.


This delicious dessert is an almost-all-the-way-baked cookie on a large sheet, which is then topped with ice cream, which is then immediately consumed in a very hasty fashion. When I’ve made it on Valentine’s day, I’ve used a heart shaped pan, and it’s very Valentinesy.

2. Watch ‘The Notebook’, but fast-forward the sad parts.


In this special Valentine’s edition of ‘The Notebook’, it tells the story of a cute boy and a girl who fall in love, and everyone is a bird, and all ends happily.

3. Build a Fort


Use pillows, boxes, blankets, a fan, & make sure it has areas. Like a movie watching area, a hallway, a dessert area… you get it.

4. Do some make-overs that are more or less Halloween costumes.


Ok, so yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your friends’ make-up like Dr. Frank-n-furter or Ursula or a teenager in the 80’s.

5. Watch the Valentine’s Day episodes of your favorite shows.

a_560x375 Galentines-Day tumblr_m9ygrsJ51O1rpillco1_500 638347_1297294276961_full reg_1024.Friends.Perry.Cox.mh.021313

This explains itself… You already love these shows. There is no risk here. Why not?


source source source source source source source


One thought on ““Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”

  1. Hahaha “special Valentine’s edition.” I like that idea. I also do that with Mulan–I fast foward through all the parts with Shan Yu because he’s just too scary.

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