Workin’ for the Weekend

I have really been looking forward to this weekend. I don’t have any events to go to, no plans with friends, no work to be working on, and nothing to get up early for. Man it’s going to be good. [Guess if I’m an introvert or not.]

Here are some activities that I’d really like to do this wonderful weekend.

1. Go on a hike

I never hike. I think I’ve been on a total of like 10 hikes in my lifetime. But I just have a craving for one. Maybe my personality is changing, because traveling never really used to appeal to me either, and I’m starting to have the itch to go everywhere.

2. Paint my nails


I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Daily outfits, DIY ideas, even things for work. Most recently, Pinterest has made me want to give myself a nice manicure.

3. Read


I haven’t read in weeks, and I’m dying to read all of my books. I wish I could just read them all, all at once. Sigh. I shall start one book at a time.

4. Record some songs


Sam and I have been doing some sister-type jamming out on the Uke and Guitar lately, and I’d love to record some of them with our fancy mic that we got for Christmas. Pending name for our group – ‘Sister Band’.

5. Get a Starbucks


I do this every weekend, and it’s always amazing.

6. Sort my Facebook pictures


Facebook is stupid – we all know this. I’d love to have absolutely nothing on there except my Instagram photos and profile and cover photos. I hate having so many photos on Facebook, but the problem is, I also hate deleting old pictures that have nice comments from friends and family, so this weekend I’d like to try to figure out how to consolidate without getting rid of nice comments. Stupid Facebook.

7. Find a Valentine’s Day outfit.


I’m thinking something with hearts on it. Again, Pinterest made me want it.

What are your weekend plans?






3 thoughts on “Workin’ for the Weekend

  1. I’ve been wanting to go on a hike lately too. But it’s too cold for that so I won’t be doing it soon. I will, however, strive to go to the gym. We’ll see though. I, too, will be sleeping in, painting my nails, and reading some books. I may also journal, blog, cook, and do laundry. Sunday will be church and then the Super Bowl.

    I think you can still download a copy of your Facebook profile, so if you really want to keep the pictures with the comments attached, you can do that first and then they’ll save into a file that you can keep in your computer. Then you can just delete them all from your page.

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