Sam introduced me to this song from Dogfight called ‘First Date, Last Night’ and the amount of times that I’ve listened to it falls somewhere in the ‘unhealthy’ range. Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena played Elphaba and Fiero together in Wicked, but started off with this show together. It’s about a boy in the military about to leave, and his date with a girl that turns out differently than he originally planned. [Derek Klena is 22, folks. 22!!!?] Please enjoy, because it’s amazing.



2 thoughts on “Bum-Bum-Bum

  1. Um ok. So I listened to that twice and then I listened to Pretty Funny and now I’m sad because I want to do what they do. Ughhhhhhh. I also like watching her sing because she makes funny faces and it’s very real lol.

  2. Omggg her voice is just so clear! This song is so beautiful and it reminds me of Once 🙂 Also, yes, it’s so wonderful that they’re both starring together again!

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