I daydream a lot. Not like a normal like, ‘Oh, wouldn’t that be nice, ok back to work’ daydream. It’s more like Alice in Wonderland status where I’ll drift out for several minutes imagining specific scenarios and wishes coming true several times a day in different forms and manifestations until I finally come back to earth, forgetting entirely about what I was originally doing. Problem? Maybe. But whatever. So I thought I might put this affinity to fantasy to good use and start a little series where I will share with you my current daydreams.

Los Angeles, CA:
My latest set design has given me the opportunity to be transferred to New York City to live for a while, working on Broadway as designer and decorator.

New York, NY:
I find a wonderful apartment that costs too much in Greenwich village, not too far from a wonderful coffee house where I know I’ll be spending a lot of time sketching and researching for future jobs. After getting settled, I have a routine and a route by which I travel everyday, coffee in hand, of course. It’s a lot of walking, but I knew this would be the case moving to the city, so I love it.
At night, I stroll past the other theaters as the shows get out and hear what the audience is talking about and how they liked the show. Even though I’m by myself, I’m happy and I feel spontaneous for moving across the country to pursue this weird career. I start work on a Broadway production in some way, and I’m in way over my head, but I learn to adjust and make friends with the entire cast in that we-may-as-well-be-family way. On the off-days, we check out the other shows and see the museums when they have special exhibitions. It is wonderful.



image via pinterest


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