Snow White Bedroom

Continuing with the Disney bedrooms, this post is inspired by Snow White. The first ever Disney princess most certainly needs a pretty bedroom.


Snow White is so gentle, sweet, and subdued, so I liked this color palate. It pulls in the blue, red, and yellow of her dress, and also the brown from the forest and cottage. Plus it’s called ‘Edible’ – just like, say, an apple.


For bedding, snowy white seems all too appropriate, and lets you go bold with colors everywhere else in the room. For the walls, a dark blue makes the room feel dark and mysterious, like maybe your bed is hidden deep in the forest, especially if you add a beautiful accent wall covered with birch tree wallpaper. It’s similar to the wallpaper in The Queen’s office on ‘Once Upon a Time.’
Blue and yellow toile window treatments are so cottage-y and lovely. And for light, lantern sconces hint to the dwarfs and their mining lanterns. For art, vintage posters and signs will brighten the walls a bit, and make you feel like you’re back in the 30’s when Snow White first premiered. I added these bright yellow chairs for seating, but their simple shape doesn’t overpower the room with yellow. If you have the room, maybe you’ll want to have 7 of these little chairs.
Then just add some fun decorations, with animals and apples all about, and don’t forget to whistle while you work!




all other images via google and pinterst


One thought on “Snow White Bedroom

  1. Oh my goodness I just love everything about this. And would very much like to live in this room. I am also proud of myself because I have already begun to make my room look like this. Thank you for the help haha.

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