Reading: Still working on the books from my last post. The goal is to finish them by the end of this year. C’MON!


Watching: Since our WiFi had been out for a little bit, I’ve been watching lots of my favorite movies in place of the shows I’d watch on Netflix or the time I’d spend browsing online. In the past week, I watched When Harry Met Sally, Enchanted, The Switch, Silver Linings Playbook, Pretty Woman, and Toy Story 3.

Feeling Thankful For: Time off work. In one week, I get 6 days off for Christmas and New Years, and I’m very very excited. Commence the lounging.


Listening To: Ok, so please don’t judge me. I’m a little obsessed with the One Direction song, “Story of My Life.” All I ask is that you give it a chance, please. I SERIOUSLY doubt that you’ll regret it.

Loving: My office all decorated for Christmas. Twinkly lights and snowflakes all about [& a Tardis stocking holder].

Inspired By: Disney & Pixar. On the special features of Toy Story 3, there are these little studio stories where animators talk about their experiences during the movies. How wonderful it would be to work there.

Learning: If you keep working at something, eventually you’ll get it right/done/over with.

Hoping For: A restful and enjoyable end to this year, and a refreshed excitement to be motivated and proactive in the upcoming one.



images via google, pinterest, and good old iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Hmm ok so I was going to judge you but decided to listen to you and listen to the song firs and I really like it! So good call. It also reminded me that I need to catch up on like six months worth of SNL. Ugh. I don’t have enough time to catch up on all this TV!! I’m jealous that you get so much time off. So jealous. And yay for your decorated twinkly office.

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