Tangled Bedroom

It’s time for another bedroom design, this time inspired by Disney’s Tangled.


I cannot express to you how much I love this movie. Everything about it. Everything. The art is so beautiful, & the iconic floating lantern scene serves as perfect inspiration for a room design. The colors are gorgeous… purples & yellows galore. Everything in this film stems from the kingdom’s emblem of the yellow sun on a purple background, so these two images were a good place to start.
I found an absolutely perfect palate on design-seeds.com called ”Blooming Tones”, which immediately made me think of the magic flower which also plays with the same colors. The palate even throws in a little turquoise to hint to Flynn’s dashing vest. [Maybe now is the time to mention that there are some spoilers in this post, but I gotta say, if you haven’t seen Tangled yet, then I don’t know what to tell you, except go. Go watch it right now.]


For the bedding, a nice simple floral print works quite well, but you have to be careful to hit that sweet spot in between looking juvenile and grandma-ish. This set has some branches incorporated that makes it feel adult, but not old fashioned. It makes a reference to all the flowers that Rapunzel has in her braid when she ventures out into the world for the first time.

For art, a gallery wall is wonderful, because Rapunzel is always looking to ‘add a few new paintings to [her] gallery’. If you were stuck in your tower all day, uniformity would get old quickly, so mix in colors and textures to make it interesting Also a purple accent wall is awesome for brightening up the entire space.

If there’s room for seating, have a nice peacock colored chair. It brings in the color of Flynn’s outfit, and what is more suited for that than a chair, much like the one he is tied to with Rapuzel’s lustrous locks.

Since yellow and orange are so vibrant, little pops of these colors work best, like in throw pillows or blankets. Added texture is fun, too, like in this pillow. You can make your own as well, which seems pretty Rapunzel. I mean she sews dresses, so she would probably like making pillows.

For lighting, of course, lanterns. Duh. Pottery Barn has a whole line of nice lanterns for hanging, setting on surfaces, or you can just make your own from Mason jars!

Stay tuned for the next bedroom inspiration. Now, go, live your dream.


images via pinterest, google, and here.


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