Winter Bedroom

Sometimes as the seasons change, it just feels natural that you would want your surroundings in your home to change with them. My friend Rachel is getting ready to do a little bedroom season-change of her own from warmer weather to cold weather, so here are my thoughts on what might make for some nice alterations.


She loves all things fall, forest, fruit and frosty, so I pulled this color pallet from because ‘Frosted Berry’ seemed all too appropriate.


White bedding with texture reminds me of a blanket of snow. Hah, blanket. West Elm has some beautiful bedding in white. And what is the holiday season without some twinkle lights? These from Crate & Barrel are battery operated, and on a wire instead of the white plastic string like you’d usually see, which makes them look a bit simpler, and more unique. White frames in a simple arrangement keep your wall looking creative and personal, while maintaining a look that isn’t cluttered. And if you reallllly use your imagination, you could imagine them as snowflakes…? Maybe?… Anyway, then, just add some fun winter themed items and colors to your bookshelf, as well as a delicious winter-scented candle like the Holiday Collection at Macy’s. Mmm.

Happy Winter!


images via pinterest


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