New York. Part Four.

Our final day had arrived. It was another early wake up call to pack our bags and get ready to make our trek across the bridge. We took the subway to the bridge and started a-walkin’. It was the nicest day, weather wise, since we had arrived, which made it a very lovely and comfortable stroll. Lots of photos were taken as shouts could be heard from oncoming bikers to the pedestrians in their way. It was really great.

After we made it across the bridge, we stopped in a little park in Brooklyn to rest our feets a bit; then it was back onto the subway to go back into Manhattan. We walked around the seaport area, and then stopped at a pizza place where we had the WORST pizza I’ve ever eaten. I guess there is such a thing as bad pizza.

After lunch, we headed to Madison Square Park for a milkshake at Shake Shack. Here we waited in a humungous line for a delicious treat, allowing us to observe and take everything around us. This is another one of my favorite memories of the trip. Musicians were playing at the tables, a squirrel was crawling on the laps of some people sitting on a bench [they were loving it, really], with the flatiron building shading the park and Broadway running right through it. Plus the milkshake ended up being great. Not a bad last stop on our trip.

603161_10201700470807710_1641326412_n 1001597_10201700470127693_1071555844_n

We took a LONG, nauseating taxi ride to the airport, and arrived just as our flight was boarding. Again, perfection.

When we got back to L.A., we thought some Tito’s Tacos would be a nice welcome home. And we were right.

I can now say with complete and utter certainty that I LOVE New York. I can’t wait to return one day.



all photos via google and me.


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