New York. Part Three.

Ok. Saturday. This was our busiest day of the trip. Our feet were angry with us, but we commanded them to do our bidding. The day started at Dunkin’ Donuts for a bit of coffee and breakfast, then it was on to Grand Central Terminal. This. Place. Is. Gorgeous. Goodness gracious at the ceiling, folks. In the movie, Arthur, Grand Central Terminal is highlighted and it’s one of my favorite parts of the film.





The female lead talks about the history of the building, including the fact that the constellations are actually painted backward, which may be a mistake, OR may be the artists way of showing us what the stars look like from God’s perspective. Also, there is one unpainted brick, which is thought to remind visitors of the way it used to look. We also made our way to the ”Whisper Wall” where, because of the acoustics made from the architectural design, allows you to speak into a corner of the room and another person to hear you in the opposite corner over 30 feet away.  Lots of fun. More fun facts learned from Arthur. See? Movies are educational.


After Grand Central, we went up to the Met, where we saw dozens of historical paintings, and also spent dozens of minutes trying to figure out the God-forsaken map of the place. Hey, Met, please re-design your map. It sucks. But anyway, this place was truly amazing. You could spend days wandering around and not see everything. [& not just because you’d get lost trying to use the map]. We were on a tight schedule, so by the time we got to Pollock, we had to run out of there.

1385972_10201700457887387_311125562_n 1393728_10201700458527403_2040904893_n

Next was Central Park. Central Park in fall… they aren’t kidding when they say it feels like you’ve stepped into another world when you walk into the park. It almost felt like a portal or sanctuary away from the business of the city. We saw John Lennon’s grave, and climbed to the top of Belvedere Castle for an amazing view of the park. Little did we know that we chose to visit the park on the day of the Pumpkin Fest, where apparently half of New York City came to participate.

1380221_10201700460567454_872548537_n 1394798_10201700460007440_105548631_n

After a heck of a time trying to get around the crowds, we had to rush to the Subway in order to make our matinee performance of Peter and the Starcatcher 10 blocks away. We had 15 minutes to get there, when we noticed that the train was taking longer than normal. We waited. 2 minutes. 3 minutes. 5 minutes. No train. We had to make the tough call… we decided we had to book it on foot to the theater. And boy, oh boy, did we run. We bolted down street after street, trying not to run into people or doors or cars, carrying our bags and jackets as we ran. We made it to the theater with 3 minutes to spare – just enough to to go to the restroom and rinse off. I feel quite bad for the people who had to sit next to us, but you have to do what you have to do. And I bet the lost boys were pretty smelly, too, so whatever.


The play was adorable, so I’m really glad we made it. Bought a shirt there, too.

After the play, we had dinner at a little Chinese restaurant down the block, and walked over to Tiffany’s on 5th Ave, which was just beautiful. We also stopped into St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which was, like nearly everything else in this wonderful city, gorgeous.


Next was skating at Rockefeller Plaza. This was a must-do on our list for the trip, and at this point we had a good laugh about how, on our last full day in the city, when our feet are crying for mercy, we decided to take an impromptu brisk run, and were now planning to balance on little blades for an hour and a half.
But oh my word, I am so immensely glad that we did. This was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had. Honestly. Music playing, trees lit up all the way around the rink, 30 Rock towering above, and the fountain splashing with color – it was amazing. Truly wonderful.

1454807_10201700488568154_1695793027_n 1391455_10201700464327548_1118278537_n 551_10201700487968139_1045372542_n
After the skating, we went back to the Longacre to thank the stage doorman for helping us get backstage for Cinderella, when, who do we see? Our old friend, Zac, taking pics with the latest audience for First Date. We thank the doorman, and say hello to Zac again which was a lovely cap to the evening.
We made a quick stop at the Disney store in Times Square, but it was so crowded and hot in there, I like to ignore that part. =)
We made a quick stop for a pretzel at a little cart before going home.

When we got back to the hotel room, we decided that we may never walk again… What’s on the list for tomorrow? Oh yeah, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Cool.


all images via google or me


2 thoughts on “New York. Part Three.

  1. hahaha we ran to catch a lot of shows too! i appreciated that the blocks were short so you could take three blocks in a minute.
    the met map is confusing because they don’t tell you what’s in each area/gallery. we didn’t get to modern art at all, even after three days! but we definitely stayed out on that medieval armor balcony to take a breather and look at the map lol
    i totally forgot about the whisper wall this time! well, next time, i’ll have to do that and skating. i miss skating outside!

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