New York. Part Two.

For day two, I got MUCH better sleep in prep, so we hit the ground running. We woke up super early and headed out to the subway once again, Gregory’s in hand. We heard a musician playing the guitar, and he was actually really good. Didn’t get caught in the doors this time either, so it was a double win!
We went all the way downtown to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. We 3 have all seen it before, so we decided a view from afar was all we needed. It was SO COLD by the water, so this was a quick trip really.

Next stop was Wall Street, where the number of tourists outnumbers the people who actually work there, but it was very cool to see. We saw the Stock Exchange building and the building where George Washington was first inaugurated to presidency.

We stopped over at Fraunces Tavern and Trinity Church as well, both extremely beautiful.


Next on the list was the 9-11 Memorial. Phewf. If you know me, you might know that I get emotional [ie tears-a-flowin] at things some would consider light, so this was a hard-hitter on the emotions.  To get tickets, you have to wait in line at the memorial store where they have video and artifacts on display. The amount of power that simple objects hold… hard hats, shoes, etc… recovered from that horrible day in history is incredible. Frankly, I was a mess and I was kind of judging anyone who wasn’t. Once I stumbled upon the ‘Dogs of 9-11’ section of the store, I had to wait outside. The actual memorial site is stunning – trees everywhere, including the ‘Survivor Tree’ that actually has survived several disasters. I even had the chance to find the name of a friend’s father who was a firefighter in NY on 9-11. It’s so incredibly moving to see the thousands of names laid out in front of the waterfalls that seem to pour infinitely into the ground where the original towers once stood. The Freedom Tower is only a block away now, and it, too, is remarkable. And 1776 feet tall to make it extra awesome.


We had a nice dinner in Little Italy at Lombardi’s and a bit of shopping where I got THE most amazing pop-up book of The Little Mermaid at the MoMA store. After some coffee, we headed over to the Broadway Theater to see Cinderella on Broadway. This musical… is so beyond magical, I can’t even take it. Again, emotions ALL over the place. The sets were amazing, I found myself wishing I had more time to take it all in. The wedding scene…. that’s all I have to say. GO SEE THIS IF YOU CAN.


Afterwards, it had been arranged for us to go backstage to get a tour of the theater and the sets, where the wonderful doorman at the theater showed all all sorts of magical places, the orchestra pit, the wig room, the quick-change areas, and all the set pieces in the fly space. It was A-MAZ-ING. Truly inspiring to go out and do something creative with your life. To put the cherry on top of the evening, we were able to meet Laura Osnes [Cinderella], Santino Fontana [Prince Topher], and TINA FREAKING FEY. What the heck. Too good. She was there with her family seeing the show, and was kind enough to take photos with us. Love her.

947290_10201700485648081_569416113_n 1001592_10201700484648056_1289284614_n 1395450_10201700486168094_1349170883_n

The day was epically sensational… tears were shed all over the city, and we got to stand on a Broadway stage. I kept thinking, ‘Is this real life?’.

To be continued…

all pictures via me and google.


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