Feelin’ 25.

And now for a long overdue post.

Last month I turned 25 years old. I must say it was really a great day, and it just so happened to be on a Friday, which was extra wonderful, because let’s face it, it’a way better than say, a Tuesday or something, but also, the people at work notice that it’s a special day for you, rather than it just blowing past without any recognition at all.

Here’s what I did.
I headed to work that morning, and Laura Bell Bundy was doing a radio interview, which was a wonderful treat to catch on my commute. When I walked into my office, my bestest work friend, Matt, had decorated my office with lots of birthday goodness, including a Harry Potter birthday banner – essential for any birthday, I’d say. It was also my boss’ birthday that day as well, so we had a pizza party of sorts at 10:45am. Not completely conventional, but hey, it’s pizza so bring it on.
photo (1)

I got to have a reunion double-birthday-lunch with my bestie Christine at a Thai place near my work and we exchanged presents because her birthday is two days after mine. Birthday bliss.
photo (3)

That night, I went out to dinner with my family to Wood Ranch BBQ, my favorite restaurant of all time, and ate my favorite dish that they serve – pulled pork, cole slaw, mashed potates, and rolls with a huge glass of root beer with a black straw. mmm.
When we got home I opened presents ❤ and ate the most amazing red velvet cake I have ever seen, made by my wonderful little sister.



The next day we headed out to Disney, went swimming and slid down the slide at the Paradise Pier Hotel, and walked around Downtown Disney for the evening. The next day we had a lovely Disney Day, filled with hidden grottos, secret towers, haunted mansions, forbidden temples of doom, fantasy, adventure, and pixie dust. and face paints. =) Lots of people called me princess, and a few even said I looked like Ariel, so I’d say it was a super success.
imagephoto (2)photoimage_7

image_2image_1image_1 (2)image_4image_3


Over all it was a very fun birthday weekend indeed. Hooray for birthdays!
25 is going to be a fun year. =)



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