Why donchya do somethin’

Everyone is doing crazy things. Living in other countries, moving to other places, sometimes even out of state, getting married, going to grad school, doing dating experiments with their friends [link], etc.

I really like the idea of doing something out of the ordinary routine, but I also know that I don’t want to move away… I need an idea for something crazy, but here is what it can’t involve.
1. Leaving Los Angeles/film industry. [I need a job here.]
2. Cutting off my hair. [I just can’t do it.]
3. A large sum of money [bc I don’t have that.]

I think those are all the provisos…
Let’s think.



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One thought on “Why donchya do somethin’

  1. Here is a list of things you may do that do not include leaving LA, cutting your hair, or using large sums of money:

    1. Ride the bus all the day long just to see where it goes and who you will see.
    2. Swim 100 laps in your gym’s pool.
    3. Wear red lipstick everywhere you go for one whole week. Document the reactions you receive via Twitter.
    4. Pierce something.
    5. Ride your bike around town until you get really tired. Then bike home.
    6. Train for a half-marathon. Then run one.
    7. Make home-made play-dough.
    8. Jump out of a plane.
    9. Go on a day trip road trip with Sam.
    10. Audition to be a movie or television extra.
    11. Learn five sentences in French.
    12. Write an e-book.
    13. Complete a photo-a-day challenge.
    14. Spend a day at Disneyland by yourself. Take pictures with all characters you come across.
    15. Go in that fountain that looks like the one in FRIENDS that’s over by the Corner Bakery Cafe.

    I think you can and should do all of these things.

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