Look Around

I feel defeated sometimes. I guess being in this stage of life when the direction that things are headed is a bit up in the air can do that to a person. I was thinking the other night, though, that it’s good to stop at look around for a minute [didn’t really mean to directly quote Ferris there, but c’mon, the guy was very wise] & realize how far you’ve come… recognize the things you’ve accomplished, no matter the size or significance, and pat yourself on the back. This realization occurred to me at a moment earlier this month during a day trip to Universal Studios with my sister.


I should preface by explaining that, to get to the lower lot of the park, you have to take these enormous escalators down hundreds of feet, but whilst you ride, you can enjoy a view of most of North Hollywood. One of the sights is the nearby Warner Brothers lot, marked in the distance by the water tower adorned with “WB” in yellow. I remember a few years ago, riding down the same escalator thinking to myself, “Friends was filmed over there. And Ellen is filmed there. What I would give to just walk around on that lot.”

ImageSo, like I was saying, what I had to acknowledge on my recent trip was that this dream has been fulfilled and exceeded beyond what I could have ever expected or hoped for. The classes I’ve taken, the internships I’ve done, and the friendships I’ve made all played a part in making it happen. The day to day waiting, doubting, and fear of what’s to come or how to get where I want to be sometimes tends to overpower the goals that I have been blessed enough to accomplish… I’m trying to learn to be a little easier on myself and, well, stop to take that look around. And the cool part is that once those little goals are reached, [just like Rapunzel,] I get to find new dreams to strive for. =)




images via google & pinterest


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