Alright, so I took a long nap today, and as a result, I’m just not ready to go to bed. I’ve applied to a couple jobs, and gotten some emails ready to send on Tuesday, but I ran out of important things that I can do at this hour. So I turned to the Disney tumblrs, and it got me thinking. You know what? Magic is real. I don’t care what anybody says. There’s a feeling you get in your heart, in the core of your body, that you can just sense and it can’t be better described as anything other than magical. It’s that tingling feeling of joy, happiness, love, and bittersweet contentment all at once that makes you close your eyes and wish you could stay in that moment forever, while knowing at the same time that its the evanescent nature of the feeling that makes it precious. It doesn’t matter what brings it to you, it could be music, a place, a person, or an experience… or maybe all of them combined. I’m so glad that among all the unhappy things that happen in this world that there are those wonderful moments. That’s magic.







2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. That’s wonderful. Writing things at 2 AM becomes you. Yesterday when my dad and I were with my niece and nephew, my dad was giving my nephew words to spell. One of the words he gave him was “magical,” which I thought was funny since it was so random, but I also liked it.

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