“The Internet is Really, Really Great.”

It’s a slow day here at the old internship…
Here’s a list of my favorite websites that I like to peruse when I’m wasting time…

1. Hollywood Assistants Tumblr – A lot of these don’t apply to just Hollywood assistants but all of them are pure gold.

2. Twitter –  A good stand by when you want to be entertained by celebrities’ sarcastic comments about how much they hate life.

3. Listography – Ok, this is just awesome. I’ll always love this site. It’s just lists. That’s all. Simply wonderful.

4. Pinterest – Obviously, a girl’s dream website. Millions of pictures of adorable clothes, stylish interiors, studly celebrities, and cuddly animals. Man, it’s good, and so nicely designed.

5. Disney Tumblrs – I could literally spend HOURS looking at the pictures people put on the disney tumblr sites. These two are my favorites.

6. Fit Sugar – This site is inspiring to be healthy, which is kind of hard for me to find. There are meal plans, workouts, recipes, etc. to reference. Plus, the web design is so pretty.

7. Charming Distractions – Mmm, this tumblr is perfectly described in it’s title. Charming photos to distract you from the moment you are in. Love it.

8. The Laugh Factory channel on YouTube – Again. Hours. I find so many new comedians on this channel that I’ve never heard of.



[photo via pinterest]


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