Things to do.

If you need help, ask for it.
If you need strength, pray for it.
If you can’t decide, sleep on it.
If it really matters to you, respect it.

If you want to go after something, do it.
& If it scares you, do it anyway.
If it took you a while, save it.
If it really is that delicious, eat it.

If you aren’t sure, wait on it.
If you have an idea, work with it.
If they hurt you, forgive and forget it.
If you have a problem, talk about it.
When you love them, tell them.

If it’s not worth it, don’t waste your time.
But if it is, take your time.

Over-communicate, but don’t over-think.

Take opportunities, you can sleep when you’re dead.



image via tumblr


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