New Jeers

Hello, 2013.


I like the way you look. Plus you’re a mixed up arrangement of 0,1, 2, 3.

These were my resolutions for 2012, let’s see how I did. 

  • Start a design blog

I did this. This is my other blog. It’s not really anything special, but hey, I did it.

  • Read more books than in 2011

Yes. I did this… I read 19 books in 2011, and this year I read 20. 

Seriously…I’m Kidding Ellen DeGeneres
Confessions of a Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella
Fairest of All Serena Valentino
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire Suzanne Collins
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins
Love the One You’re With Emily Giffin
Remember Me? Sophie Kinsella
Twenties Girl Sophie Kinsella
Vision in White Nora Roberts
Bed of Roses Nora Roberts
Savor the Moment Nora Roberts
Happy Ever After Nora Roberts
Mermaid Carolyn Turgeon
The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis
The Host Stephenie Meyer
Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen Chbosky
A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle
Lost at Sea John Ronson
Girls In White Dresses Jennifer Close

I liked most of them, too. Some were re-reads from last year, but I think my favorites were The Hunger Games trilogy [duh] and The Host, and I CANNOT wait for that movie to come out.

  • Develop a crisper wardrobe

I really think I did this pretty well. At the very least, I did a closet purge, and introduced some nicer things than I used to own. Some blazers, some sweaters, some flats. I’m good with saying that I did this. 

  • Get a new job/internship

I got an internship in October with Mandeville Films that I love so much, and I’m hoping pretty soon to be moving on to a new job, so this is totally accomplished.

  • Lose weight and get in shape

Hmm, yeah… I don’t know if I can say that I did this. I definitely went to the gym a lot, and have been more aware of the amount of food that I stuff in my face… But… this will need to carry over to this next year for sure. 

  • Keep a journal

Ok, so I did this really well for a few months, and then I didn’t do well at all. Then I picked it back up for a bit, and haven’t really been on top of it since this summer. I’m going to carry it over to this year, too. 

Alllllllright, so. These are my resolutions for 2013… 

  • Learn French
  • Read 15-20 books
  • Keep a journal
  • Stay fit & eat healthy
  • Update blog at least 2x a month
  • Take a photography course
  • Make photo albums
  • Get a new job

Here we go! Happy New Year.




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