My name is Summer, too.

I just love the sets in ‘500 Days of Summer’. They so perfectly exude the characters’ personalities. I love pretty much everything about that movie, actually. I love the characters, I love that they sing karaoke, I love the elevator scene [it may be one of my favorite movie moments ever… oh man, that, and the Expectations Vs. Reality scene. SO brilliant.] I love that Tom meets a girl named Autumn, and I love how close he is with his little sister. 

Everyone always talk about how much they hate Summer in it, how she’s mean. I really like her. I think she’s just trying to figure things out, and ya know what? That’s ok. Tom was too invested in the relationship. Ok, yeah, she really shouldn’t have danced with him at Millie’s wedding, but… Anyway. What was I saying? Oh yeah, the sets. They’re so great. 





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