Summer pt. 3

Continued from pt. 2…


On the 19th, my daddy surprised Sam and I with ticket for the three of us to go to the Gavin Degraw & Colbie Caillat concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. They were so great! & I think Gavin has a crush on Colbie… but really, who doesn’t?
On the 21st, Team Cries-A-Lot [Christine, Rachel, and I] had a Skype date that lasted 5 hrs. We laughed, and of course cried. And took pictures. =)

On the 25th, my family and I went ot the Warner Bros. Studios and took a tour of the lots and sets. Man oh Man. This was just the best thing ever. The tour was basically customized to exactly what we wanted to see, so we got to see all things Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Pretty Little Liars. I’m amazed at how much crossover there was between those three shows. Like, the Gellar family house is also Kim’s antiques AND Emily’s house from PLL. The grand finale was the Central Perk set where we got to sit on the couch and play around. Notice how my hands are on the couch so I could touch it while I sat. =)

Last night, we had to take our little Tango birdy to get put to sleep becasue he got very very sick very quickly and was uncomfortable. It was very sad, and we’ll miss the little guy/girl. He was actually a girl, but we just called her a him. It’s a long story. =)


Sam leaves for her senior retreat in one week for three days. Until then we will be watching season 4 of Parks and Rec and laughing and playing.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading all that. πŸ˜‰
That was our summer.




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