Summer pt. 1

Hello hello!
Well, it’s certainly been a very very busy and wonderful summer…
In July, it started off iwth Sam’s 18th birthday that we spent at Disneyland, and had a wonderful time as usual when we are at the Happiest Place. We saw Cars Land, the new Starbucks, and the wonderful Mad T Party for the first time, all of which were so very good. 

Then Rachel came to visit me at my house, and we stayed up super late, had Target adventures, and then Christine came with us to Disney again the next weeknd [all of which I have a very limited amount of pictures for… probably because it was so wonderful, there was no time for photos. =)

On July 20th, Kaitlan and the other bridesmaids and I left on the train for San Diego for our Bachelorette weekend. We stayed at Megan’s house and had fun nights out, and a lovely beach day with a big breakfast and pedicures in the afternoon. We finished off the weekend with her Lingerie shower that Sam helped with by baking the little undies cookies ❤ 

 The next week was crazy prep for Kaitlan’s wedding, then the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner that Friday. On the 28th, she and Brian were married! The wedding was amazing, and Kaitlan looked absolutely beautiful.

In August, Sam, my dad, and I went camping in Pismo in our tent trailer. We took a hummer in the sand dunes and it was very scary but very fun. We ate a lot of food and took a lot of naps and it was quite nice. 

Due to the long nature of this post, I must continue it in a second post… =)



One thought on “Summer pt. 1

  1. I wasn’t going to read this right away and I’m glad I waited bc I’ve forgotten a lot of what’s happened already! But I’m glad to finally see some of the wedding pictures! :]

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