Take That!

I have this Professor. I’ve had her for at least one class every semester since last summer when I started the Interior Design program… and I gotta say, she has favorites. I used to think that maybe I was one of her favorites, and maybe I used to be, but this semester that is just not the case. She has a couple other favorites this semester… a few women who have no other things to do in life than spend 4 hours rendering an exterior landscape when it wasn’t even required for the assignment… you know the type. Anyway, she loves them, and since I do NOT have the time, energy, or interest to put in 4 extra hours of unnecessary work on an assignment, my popularity with the teacher has fallen by the wayside. But I’m having the final word on the matter… here’s how. We’re allowed to write papers on special events or places of design that we go to for extra credit, and we all know that some of the ‘favorites’ have gone to an event here or there. But you know what? I went to 3 this semester. That’s right. Three. And I wrote a paper for every one of them. Its my way of saying, ‘I may not be your favorite, but I put the work in when its beneficial and important.’ So THERE!!! 


I may have some competitive problems. Maybe its my inner Monica.



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